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Eight Rivers flow out of Pocahontas County
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Michael Condon
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~ Eight Rivers ~
Web Design Services;
Helping folks decipher the internet,
putting the global market within their reach.
     Web pages are fast becoming an important part of many enterprises. While there are many tools and concerns vying for your attention, few address the importance of everyone's time. There is software available that can make you seem quite the computer wizard, yet visitors to a home made web site may find themselves going for snacks while your page loads. And to hone out a web page one can invest lots of time that would be better spent on other aspects of the business.

     Here at Eight Rivers we (my mouse and I) strive to create pleasing web sites that convey your message clearly and quickly. Graphics are usually limited to those that add to the content or illustrate important points. Loading time is kept foremost in our mindset, right up there next to content.

     Many sites are using various pieces of my work, ranging from graphic manipulation and slogans to complete page layout and site design. Distilling your enthusiasm for your business onto a web page can help create an environment of excitement and involvement bringing to you those people who are truly interested and motivated in dealing with you. We do this by working from your brochure or other copy you might have, visiting your location when possible and asking the questions that can help us understand your operation.

     So if you are ready to move onto the Internet or need an existing web page tuned up get in touch and we'll see what we can come up with together.

Eight Rivers flow out of Pocahontas County






Michael Condon
7958 Lobelia Rd.
Hillsboro, WV

304 520-7252
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The Nineth River

Eight Rivers flow out of Pocahontas County




Created July 22, 1999
By Michael Condon
Last update March 18, 2021
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